Websites Designed for the Post-PC Era

Multi-Platform Websites

In the "Post-PC Era" people are browsing the web from their iPhones and iPads not just when out and about or on the train, but from the comfort of their sofa or bedroom.

We include support for PC, tablet and smart phone display as standard with all of our website builds. Your site will look great on all these devices with our responsive design approach.

Or if you have an need for a mobile specific website, we can build that too with Argo, our mobile platform that can pinpoint any tablet or phone device or group, and send a customised version of your website or mobile web app.

Content Management System (CMS)

Your site will be driven by a robust and industry leading Content Management System, giving you the freedom to update your site at no additional cost whenever you like. Or, if that's all too much trouble, you can purchase an extended support agreement allowing us to do regular updates on your behalf. Or use our ad-hoc support services if you only expect the occasional update.

What Next?

If you'd like to discuss a Post-PC website with us, please use our Enquiry Form, or refer to our Contact page to speak to us directly.

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