Phone & Tablet Optimisation - Bring your Site into the Post-PC Era

Who needs an Optimised Site?

All websites need to be optimised for viewing on PC, tablet and phone. If you have an existing website or work with your own web designer, this service is for you.

What is an Optimised Site?

iPhones and iPads display regular websites OK, and you can pinch-zoom in and out here and there. But it's not ideal and you can't expect people to browse for long. For some phone users, your website might be just unusable.

An phone and tablet optimised site means this:

  • Layout suits the screen size
  • Text size doesn't require zooming
  • Images are resized to fit on the screen
  • If necessary, content inappropriate for small screen viewing is omitted or replaced by other content
  • Device specific content is provided if you expect users to access from a device in a particular usage scenario

How we do it

We use the most appropriate solution for the job.  For a regular website, we'll optimise your site using the latest web technologies for responsive design. Or, if you have more complex requirements, we'll use our Argo platform to target specific content to specific device groups. When a phone or tablet computer requests a page from your website, our software detects what kind of device it is, and generates the best suited content and web page layout.

What Next?

If you'd like to discuss optimising your website with us, please use our Enquiry Form, or refer to our Contact page to speak to us directly.

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