A Digital Visitor Guide with Compendify will engage your clients, reduce your costs, and build new revenue

What is a Digital Visitor Guide

A Digital Visitor Guide built with Compendify enables you to create and manage iPad Apps to showcase your products and services to your guests.

Ideal for hotels and hospitality venues, event management organizations, museums and galleries, front line sales staff, and anywhere that guests gather or interface with your organization.

The Benefits

A Digital Visitor Guide can save you money, make you money, and generally enhance your customer experience.

Cost Reduction

Achieve cost savings:

  • Eliminate design & printing costs, plus the upkeep of managing printed compendiums, menus and catalogues
  • Streamline operations with guest self-service and rationalise your workflows

Generate Revenue

Create new revenue opportunities:

  • Online requests and purchases
  • Capture customer details for your marketing database
  • New partnering opportunities for advertising or cross-marketing

Branding and Advertising

Broaden your branding footprint and cross-market your offerings:

  • Pervasive branding opportunities, in-room or where customers gather
  • Cross-marketing opportunities, presenting pertinent advertising material at targeted times and locations
  • Great for hotel F&B marketing

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improve guest experience and satisfaction:

  • Better access to your organization's information
  • Convenience to choose self-service

What's Special about our Digital Visitor Guides?

Our Digital Visitor Guides are built on our own Compendify App service, and offer multiple benefits over regular iPhone or iPad apps.

  • Compendify is an App Solution, not just a single App.  For example, hotels can create an App for each of their Compendium, F&B, Room Service, Locality Guide etc. This way works much better on your in-house iPads.
  • Speedy setup - don't wait weeks or months to get your Apps live.  With Compendify you can have your first Apps built and deployed literally within hours or days.
  • Add and update Apps anytime. You can create an App for daily or seasonal offerings, or for special once-off purposes like VIP welcomes, conferences, weddings etc.
  • Compendify is a powerful marketing tool, not just an App that you build and forget.

Process Management, Project Management

We have built Compendify to be super-easy to use, but we'll be there to guide you all of the way.  And if you'd prefer, we can take charge of your App build process.

What Next?

Visit the Compendify website for more details. Or if you'd like to start talking to us about setting up a Digital Visitor Guide, contact us through our Enquiry Form.

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